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A Modern Shower: "Here Comes the Son" Boy's Baby Shower at the Wythe Hotel

When a client called Lee Ramsay Events asking for a baby shower with absolutely NO "diaper cakes, embarrassing games, or hours of opening gifts," we were over the moon! Lee Ramsay Events worked with this fun client to plan a modern and creative baby shower - with no awkward moments for the mother-to-be.

NYC Baby Shower
All photos by the lovely Edith Ann Photography
Hosted in the lush Garden Terrace space at the Wythe Hotel, this shower was held on a beautiful summer evening in New York City.

To complement the stunning event space, our first step was to determine a theme and design. My lovely client came to me with an "Over the Moon"-themed invitation suite. Through our creative planning sessions, we used this as our 'home base' and came up design elements to match the outer space element.

We ultimately landed on a whimsical and modern baby shower with a delightful "Here Comes the Son" theme. This theme weaved itself into the 60's and 70's music playlist, as well as into a stellar dessert bar.

From personalized poems and entertaining games, every detail was carefully crafted to make this event truly memorable for the mother-to-be and her guests. Join us as we take you through the highlights of this celestial celebration!

Out of this World Dessert Bar

The dessert bar was the centerpiece of our "Here Comes the Son" baby shower. It embraced an outer space aesthetic with treats that delighted both the eyes and taste buds. "Ready to pop" tarts, rocket ship cake pops, and cosmic donuts prepared by Pistachio Studio enticed guests to indulge and take plenty of photos. The array of colors and shapes added a touch of whimsy and excitement, setting the tone for the rest of the event.

Thoughtful Beverages

We created a special themed mocktail, the "You Are My Sunshine" mint lemonade. The taste of fresh lemon and fragrant mint provided a fun non-alcoholic option on a hot summer day. Color-coordinated cocktail napkins embossed with the sun motif tied everything together.

Family Style Dinner

We opted for a family-style dinner to encourage a warm and convivial atmosphere. Sharing plates of roasted salmon and seasonal veggies was a fun communal experience for guests. The meal provided the perfect backdrop for heartfelt conversations and laughter, opening the way to thoughtful toasts and speeches.

Whimsical Escort Card Display

To direct guests to their seats, we crafted a charming escort card display using tiny planters. Each plant pot held a 'plant card' with the guest's name, directing them to their table. When guests brought their escort 'cards' to the table, it added to the décor and ambiance of the dinner tables. These custom-made plant pots were also keepsakes for guests to take home at the end of the party.

Entertaining Games with Fun Prizes

The fun and laughter continued with engaging games played during dinner. "Boobs or Baby Butt?" was a lighthearted guessing game that had guests in stitches as they tried to identify baby body parts. Winners were awarded with skincare products, ensuring their skin would be "as smooth as a baby's bottom"! These games added a delightful touch of playfulness to the celebration.

Live Poet and Custom Poem Keepsake

One of the most unique elements of the baby shower was the presence of a live poet from Ars Poetica who skillfully crafted custom poems for the guests. Guests could provide a prompt or a few words, and the poet weaved them into heartfelt verses. These personalized poems were compiled into a beautiful keepsake book for the guest of honor, creating a treasured memento of love and well wishes from family and friends.

While there are so many more special details that went into this event, this article gives you a taste of the fun and creativity that ensued at this thoughtful baby shower. Lee Ramsay Events relishes in planning the details that make events like this one special. The Wythe Hotel was such a gracious host for this special boy's baby shower.

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