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Shopping List: Wedding No-Brainers

You're going to need a few of these! Below are some of our go-to's for items that every wedding needs - votive candles, sign holders, and more.


Everyone looks good in candlelight, especially in the golden glow from mercury glass. We suggest at least 3 votives per table for a warm and glowy effect.

Boho Votives

For an organic or bohemian look, we love these mismatched votives. See them in action in our Alaska wedding.

Classic Sign Holders

Even the biggest celebrity planners use these exact table number (drink sign holder, menu holder, etc.) stands ALL the time. They are simple and look very professional. I love them for drink menus at the bar.

Place Card Holders - Gold Clips

You're going to need place card holders for table numbers, menus or signs. We like these super sturdy card holders. They're also super easy to use.

Place Card Holders - Bistro Style

If you're going for a more modern or deco vibe, we like these place card holders that are reminiscent of an old school diner.

Place Card Holders - Triangle Clips

An affordable and modern option, use these paperclip-style holders to add a bit of depth to flat place cards.

Late Night Disco - Glow Sticks

I can't stress how much PEOPLE LOVE THESE. When the dance party is going and glow sticks come out, guests go crazy for them!

Late Night Disco - Glow Scrunchies

Even better than just glow sticks - surprise and delight your guests with light-up scrunchies. Guests will love the fun item to take home (and keep their hair up during a dance party)!

Late Night Disco - Glow Bracelets

Again, I am always impressed by how popular these items are - your guests will LOVE a light up bracelet or accessory to keep the dance party going. We love these fun ones.

Champagne Coupe Tower

Your venue may not source these for you, and you may need to bring in your own coupes for a champagne tower. We suggest these low and sturdy coupes for a stable but show-stopping champagne tower.

Meet the Expert:

Lee Ramsay is a seasoned event planner based in NYC. Lee turned her business background and eye for design into an event planning and consulting business that aims to make you a guest at your own party.

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